Seattle Cherry Blossom & Japanese Cultural Festival


Festival Location

Our festival takes place every year in the Seattle Center, located at:

305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109

The festival takes place in the Armory and Fisher Pavilion. The Armory's main entrance faces south. Click the map for more info via Google Maps.

The Fisher Pavilion is located directly to the west of the Armory. Below is a more detailed area map, showing entrances and walking routes between buildings.

Cherry Blossom Area Map

  • elevator = elevator
  • entrances = entrances
  • no access = no access
Seattle Center Pavilion to Fisher Pavilion access
Fisher Pavilion to Armory access
Seattle Center Pavilion to Fisher Pavilion access

Seattle Center Pavilion -
above ground level
Seattle Center Pavilion
Fisher Pavilion- below ground level
From Seattle Center Pavilion
Fisher Pavilion to Armory access

Fisher Pavilion
Armory- above ground level
From Fisher Pavilion


Cherry Blossom Interior Maps

  • information =
  • no access = no access
  • entrances = entrances
  • elevator = elevator
  • stairs = stairs
  • stage = stage
  • restrooms =
  • tea house = Tea House
  • food = food
  • Fisher Pavilion - click to enlarge
    Fisher Pavilion Map
  • Armory - click to enlarge
    Armory Map
lecture photo
Ikebana Emerging in the 6th century, ikebana developed from ritualized flower offerings into an art form all its own.
learn more
Shodo Shodo, Japanese calligraphy, is a fine art form all its own and extends back a millenia. Take up a brush and experience this rich tradition!  learn more

  • Friday 4/24: 11am-3pm
  • Saturday 4/25: 11am-3pm
  • Sunday 4/26: 11am-3pm