Cherry Blossom Festival

Tanimoto Karakuri Ningyo: Mechanical Dolls from Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

The Chahakobi Doll

Watch this delightful girl in kimono serving a cup of tea! She will bring the cup, wait for you to drink, then return with the empty cup. This is done mechanically through traditional workmanship with inner gears and pulleys of Mr. Shigeo Tanimoto’s creations.

The Yumihiki Doll

A more complicated doll is the Bow Drawing Archer. He is sitting on a platform and goes through the process of picking up an arrow, setting it on the bow, aiming, and shooting. Will he make the target? You will notice another figure below who is operating the archer doll.

Both Chahakobi (Tea Serving) and Yumihiki Dolls were made by Kimiko Hirahata, student and assistant to Mr. Shigeo Tanimoto. See both of these dolls in-person at this year's festival, as well as a demonstration on how these wonders are constructed!